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What I learnt on my digital journey...

With a corporate business background and, having worked at BigPond in the early digital days, I knew a strong online presence would be vital for any business in the future.

So as a co-owner of one of Sydney’s leading health clinics, I quickly realised the benefits of building a website to bring in online clients. This meant we could diversify our marketing channels (even with a strong client referral base), automate our lead generation and increase the value of our business.

Why a graphic designer may not be the best person to build your website…..

Like most business owners, I outsourced the building of our health website to a web designer who trained as a graphic designer. As an online marketing novice, I also wrote all the content.

We got lots of compliments on our beautiful website. However, new clients couldn’t find us online.

That’s because most graphic designers are trained to design beautiful websites but are not technically trained to build websites that rank well in search engines and attract leads.

The complaint I most often hear about the “SEO guy”

Like most new website owners, I soon started getting a truck load of calls from overseas to help me with Google Adwords marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I didn’t know who to trust. They all promised me number 1 Google rankings in a short time!

In the end, I got a referral to a local “SEO guy”. I figured at least I could talk to a real person in Australian business hours and they would be locally trained. Well…I got the first part right but little did I know many SEO experts in Australia still don’t hold proper digital marketing qualifications!

Anyway, we started off with a new Google Adwords campaign to kick start our new online marketing campaign.

We also invested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which means over time, we could naturally rank high in search engines for our keywords and reduce our reliance and budget on Google Adwords. It also meant we had two chances to appear on the first page of a search engine.

With all our spend, we did see some small results. But they were no where near what was promised. I knew we could do much better.

After all,  you needed some serious will power to find us online. After nearly three years of SEO investment, we were still on page 3 for our main Sydney keywords!

As for the “SEO guy”……I had no idea what he was doing. It’s a complaint I often hear.

How my online frustrations finally brought us digital success

With some searching, I came across the eBusiness Institute. It’s a premier online marketing company led by some of Australia’s most experienced SEO experts. It was here I was trained and mentored by the founders in the art of building professional, high performing websites that rank in search engines.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I changed my health clinic’s website and Google Adwords campaigns.

Our online performance certainly changed – and it was fast.

Within 3 months, we were in Google’s top 5 for every keyword we were targeting in Sydney.

Not too long after that, we got to number #1 in Google for our best local keyword that brings us the most new clients. We have stayed there ever since.

Plus, I achieved the holy grail in Local Online Marketing – what I call the “Local Online Trifecta”. A strong presence across the blue chip spots on the first page of Google search….

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Local Pack reviews
  3. # 1 Organic SEO spot


That means, during the best times of the day to make appointments, our health clinic dominates the first half of the first page of Google.

Plus, with changes to our website, I was also able to increase our conversions and get even more sales.

By no means is that a small feat.

These are very competitive keywords in one of Australia’s biggest health markets.

While every case is different, there is still a great opportunity for local businesses to rank well in Australia.

That is, with the right focus and strategy.

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Elvira Badke
Founder, Wattle Digital
eBusiness Institute Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program
eBusiness Institute Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program
eBusiness Institute Australia certificate in digital marketing

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